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Actual MnemeTherapy Sessions

These beautiful paintings were created by individuals with brain disorders in one session of MnemeTherapy®

The only criteria is the "Willingness to Try!"

Framed MnemeTherapy Painting

Beautiful Artwork to Share

These paintings are left with the participants or community to use them as they wish or for a special event such as an art show or fund raiser. Organizations and families have used these special paintings to make greeting cards, calanders and more. My client, Nina's painting was used for the cover of her aunt's wedding program. How special for Nina.




Ann 103 yrs.





Christine 78 years

Thanks to Pizza by Evans for donating the cardboard pizza boxes we use for Mneme Therapy. They are located on Route 6A in Yarmouthport, MA,

Kaylee 10 yrs. "Rock Star Eggs in a Nest" She can't wait to paint again. Me too.

Sweet Charlotte 76 yrs. 

"Purple Passion" I look foward to spending more painting time with Charlotte. A very funny lady.

Ann 80 yrs. We sang Irish songs and she always has a twinkle in Irish eyes. I learned a few songs that day.

Adam 16 yrs. "Adam's Trees" Adam surprised his Dad on Father's Day with his beautiful painting of New England trees.

Harriet 80ish Down to the finishing touches.

Nina 15 yrs. She took on a challenge and did a great job. Nina's painting was used for the cover of her aunt's wedding program. Way to go Nina!

They're never too young to paint. All we ask is that they are willing to try.

Singing and warming up to paint.

MnemeTherapy Paintings

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