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What is MnemeTherapy?

(pronounced Nemma)

It's an enjoyable, multi-modality process that engages the whole brain and stimulates its natural ability to rebuild lost or undeveloped functions.

We use a unique combination of singing, movement, Directed Painting™, story-telling and praise. In one-0n-0ne sessions our goal is to help individuals feel good about themselves and what they are able to do to improve their ability to communicate with others.

Is this Art Therapy? No, art therapists are trained and licensed in a psychological process whose goals are to help their clients create expressive art that helps them get in touch with their feelings to facilitate emotional healing.

AWB's Certified MnemeTherapists use the arts in an intructional way to stimulate the brain's neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to adapt and find new ways to rebuild lost functions.


Benefits of MnemeTherapy

The goal of MnemeTherapy is to provide a rewarding experience. Documented testimonials show significant improvement in some clients after just one session in:

Verbal skills (expressive aphasia)

One-on-one attention

Mobility/muscle issues


Visual and spatial acuity (visual agnosia)

Understanding language (receptive aphasia)

Memory (short term and long term)

Connecting socially with others

A rewarding and enjoyable activity, full of brain strenghtening exercises

Creation of legacy/keepsake gift for the family

About Wendi C. Smith

Certified MnemeTherapist

I was raised in New England in the Boston area. I lost my Dad who struggled with Alzheimer's disease for 12 years. Had MnemeTherapy been available to him it would have given both my Dad and our family brigher days during a challenging time.

My education included the Art Institute of Boston and the Riverside Center for the Arts in New York City.

Later I moved to Cape Cod and founded "Harvest of Barnstable," a national gift company that employed mentally challenged adults. I received the "Employer of the Year" award by LIFE, Inc. (Living Independently Forever). After 31 years I sold my business and rekindled my love for art and painting.

In 2014 I joined "The Art Without Boundaries Association." MnemeTherapy® enables me to use my artistic abilities and my compassion for others to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and their families.

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Helping Children

While our goal is to provide a rewarding experience for every participant, for some the improvements are dramatic, such as in Cara's case. After the first session she progressed from one word sentenses to complete five word sentences. Her impulsive behavior improved. By her fourth session she showed improvement in joint attention dysfunction. You can read all about her amazing weekly progress on the AWB website.


Helping Adults

Carla Heritage, executive director of the Riverside Living Center, said there are no words to describe the differences she's seen in the residents. "I wish everyone could see this. The families are just amazed." she said.

On-on-One MnemeTherapy® Sessions


. Elder Assisted Living Residences

. Rehabilitation Centers

. Schools

. Private Residences

. Adult Day Centers

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